I volunteer with a new animal welfare organization called Doglando Foundation and we are producing an event called Food Trucks to the Rescue.  This is a food truck pod and dog adopt-a-thon so there are a lot of people to coordinate — food trucks, vendors, dog rescues, Avalon Park, etc.  I have done big events before and I think I’m pretty good at organizing them.  It is really is quite simple, as long as you are detail oriented and a good project manager.  However, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve created an event from scratch because I have definitely forgotten how much work goes into doing an event for the first time.

Once you’ve done an event, you can reuse all of your assets every time you do an event.  You can definitely repurpose documents from other events, but each event is different so they need to be tweaked.   I’m really excited about this event and know it will be great, if I don’t have a nervous breakdown beforehand (LOL!)