I have once again begun a 30-day transformation to lose weight and get healthier.  When I went to my doctor in April my blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol were all down due to a 10 pound weight loss and eating fewer carbs.  I did pretty well the rest of April and through May until I went to the Graddy Resort.  This is the name we have given my in-laws home in Knoxville because it is like staying at a resort. As with any resort, the food and drink are amazing so it’s really difficult to stay on a diet.  However, life is all about balance so I don’t mind splurging when I go there. However, I’m not back at it.

Today, I walk for 45 mins, had Starbucks egg bites for breakfast and a salad for lunch.  Not sure what we’ll do for dinner.

I also run a blog called Orlando Connections which is about life in Orlando.  One of the things I cover is restaurants and Bite30 started yesterday so…..I’ll be eating out more than usual.  With opportunities comes challenges so it will be a challenge to continue to eat will while visiting restaurants who offer a Prix Fixe menu.