I have been involved in pet rescue for a number of years, doing everything from fostering to social media to event management.  Recently, I became involved in a new animal welfare organization called Doglando Foundation (DF).  Our mission statement right now is:

The Doglando Foundation, Inc. prevents cruelty to animals as an educational organization that promotes responsible canine ownership for pet owners, youths, dog assisted therapeutic programs, volunteer and staff training programs for shelters and dog rescues; and rescue/rehab/training and adoption of puppies.

I think this mission statement needs a bit of work to clarify exactly what we do, but in a nutshell, we have two initiatives.  First of all, we will assist shelters and rescues by providing educational opportunities to enhance their organization.  These educational programs will include how to run a successful foster program, how to run a volunteer program, best practices in shelter management, etc.   We currently have a program called Shelter Dogs: Beautification Day where we go to a shelter and groom shelter dogs who are waiting for their forever home.

We also have a research arm of Doglando Foundation which is where projects such as Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. (Behavior, research, education, adoption, training, health) will reside. Through the Puppy BREATH program we will provide a safe, nurturing and enriching environment for pregnant mother dogs and neonatal puppies. All puppies will complete Doglando’s PRE K9 training program, prior to adoption.

By providing and early start to training, socialization and enrichment, puppies adopted through the Puppy BREATH program will be less likely to return to Puppy BREATH or being surrendered to shelters due to behavioral issues.

We have an event coming up called Food Trucks to the Rescue which is a dog rescue adopt-a-thon and food truck pod where we are hoping to raise money for Doglando Foundation. The event is June 18 from 6p – 10p in downtown Avalon Park. Please join us to eat some great food and help out cause.