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Day 2 in Camp Doglando was great.  The day started out with the campers taking their dogs out, cleaning their crates and a training session.  The puppies are learning to do longer stays with more distractions.

Next, the campers were able to go into the Doglando sand lot to play with the daycare dogs and pick up poop.  Ok, so they weren’t too excited about picking up the poop, but it is part of being a responsible dog owner.  While outside, they honed their skills using the healing stick and stock stick.

In the afternoon, they played “Price is Right” with dog related items to show the campers the cost associated with owning a dog.  All of the campers did very well, but the girls were victorious.  Then, it was time to wash their puppy, clean their ears and clip their nails.  The groomer at Doglando showed the campers how to bathe their puppy, as well as how to clean the ears and clip the nails.  They were then able to watch her in action as she groomed a Schnauzer.

The day  finished out with more training for the puppies.  Whoever ends up adopting these puppies will  get very well trained puppies!  The campers are doing a excellent job with the puppies and the puppies are really starting to bond with each campers.  It’s is so interesting to see how quickly these puppies are bonding with the campers and how quickly the campers are bonding with them.  It just shows the amazing relationship between dogs and humans.