Well, my plan to post on a daily basis has not happened.  After chasing campers and dogs with a camera and video camera all day, I am just too tired to write a blog posts so I’m combining a couple of days into one post.

Watching Teena with the campers and the dogs is really amazing.  All of the campers are so smart and pickup things so fast.  We went to Waterford Lakes a couple of days so the campers could practice what they had learned at Doglando in a more distracting environment.  While we were there, someone showed interest in adopting one of the dogs.  The camper immediately starting telling the potential adopter all about the dogs and what he could expect, if he adopted this particular dogs.  They really are just like sponges, absorbing everything they are told.

In only 5 short days, the campers have taught the dogs to sit, down, sit stay, down stay, out of sight stay, etc. and they are able to do all of these things with distractions.  Today, we went to Marble Slab in Waterford Lakes and the campers tied their dogs to chairs while they went inside for ice cream (we stayed outside with the dogs).  The dogs were in a down stay and had to stay there despite people walking by.  All of the dogs did a wonderful job and I think the campers will really proud of their puppies.

Almost every day, the campers have a chance to swim with their puppies and daycare dogs so I thought you might enjoy a video instead of pics. It is unedited, but shows what fun everyone is having at camp!