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The second session of Camp Doglando began today with 10 children and 10 dogs.  I am once again responsible for taking pictures and video for the camp.  Today started off with the campers learning the technique of allowing the dogs to go through the gates.  They all took turns standing in front of the gate and using a healing stick to slow down the dogs.  We then went in the backyard where the campers got to spend some time with their potential rescue dog partners so that they could select a dog for the camp.

Next we ate lunch and headed to Petland.  We spent some time at Petland looking at the puppies they had for sale.  Once we left Petland, we headed over to Orange County Animal Control (OCAS) and SPCA.  We want to make sure the campers understand they have options when looking for a new dog or puppy for their home.

When we returned form OCAS and SPCA, the campers continued training their dogs and preformed their afternoon cleaning rituals.

Great group of campers and dogs.