I received the following email this morning……..

“just saw your post as pet caregiver on petsit.comand I’m hoping to talk with you more about it. How many years of professional pet sitting experience have you accumulated while working with pets? Can I contract your services for my pet, a Samoyed dog by the name Bella? I shall be needing services starting from OCTOBER 24TH and would stretch till NOVEMBER 23RD. I’m flexible with start time,but preferably between 10AM-11AM, when i will be off to work. At least a minimum of 1hrs daily,(MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAYS). Services include walking, general care and limited to feeding. You will be caring for her at my rented suite. Can you tell me your exact location (i.e the closest Major Intersection to your home) so I can calculate how close it will be to my rented suite and also to make further arrangements for the task.


David Buchanan”

There were all kinds of red flags with this email, but I thought I’d respond to see if I received a response.  I sent an email telling him that I have pet sitters all over Orlando and asked where he was staying.  Here is the response…..

Hello Jennifer,
Glad to read from you and I really appreciate your concern. I’m coming
down from Puerto Rico for a month inspection course with the Bureau of
Investigation. I will be putting up at
Sheraton Orlando Downtown Hotel ( 400 West Livingston Street, Orlando)
the place has been checked and found conducive for my staying. I hope
you are familiar with place and also hope it is in your serviced area?
I will furnish you with the suite details immediately the reservation
has been made. Hence you shall be caring for Bella at my rented suite
provided her comfort is guaranteed. I need you to understand that
after the duration of this course I shall be heading back to my base
with Bella for a promotion, so I need to perform excellently well.
This might limit my attention towards her hence the reason I’m
employing you for this task. Bella is a Samoyed dog that gets along
with other dogs and she is fine with kitties too. She can also be very
friendly with kids. She’s very well, healthy and properly immunized.
She visits the vets regularly and has no medical problem or
whatsoever. I have attached her picture herewith and I want the best
care for her while I arrive. I would schedule you to care for her
during weekdays only i.e Mondays through Fridays. Starting from 10AM
when i will be off to work and you can offer her your care for 45min
or an Hour at your convenient. I will be around on weekend and i will
be caring for her personally. I’m offering $400 per week due to my
budget. Will this work out?
The start date is OCTOBER 24TH – NOVEMBER 23RD, but after my arrival
on OCTOMBER 23RD, we will meet formally as earlier stated so that we
can get familiar with one another before you start with Bella.
Moreover my superior is willing to have your Service Charge processed
prior my arrival with Bella. Hence,I’m reviewing your application and
I’ll let you know my decision immediately. In the meantime please fill
up the Questionnaire below for immediate processing of your details:


———Full Name:
———Zip code:
———cell #:
———Present occupation:
———Number of years as a pet sitter:
———Number of available reference:


Job duration of 4weeks (Monday-Friday)
Start date shall be OCTOBER 24TH – NOVEMBER 23RD.
Your application shall be in process as soon as you agree to the terms above.
Warmest Regards,
David Buchanan.

Now, I knew it was a scam so I reported it to Google.  Not sure what he was after, but I didn’t respond any further.