Several weeks ago a contacted a local printer about a very simple printing job.  I had done work with the company before and wasn’t especially happy with them, but thought I’d give him another chance.  When I asked for the price it was almost 3 times more than the exact same job I had done with him in July.  When I questioned why the increase I was told that he would honor the price, but it was the last time because he lost money on the job at this price.

We are talking about a $12 job the first time and a $30 job this time.   Of course, when he offered to do the first job for $12 he did not mention that he was giving us a huge discount and subsequent jobs would be more expensive.  Strike one.

I had requested that the print job be delivered Wednesday afternoon because we had a meeting on Thursday and the attendees needed to be to take some of the copies with them.  He said no problem.  When I arrived for the meeting on Thursday, I asked the staff on hand about the print job and they said nothing had been delivered.  I sent an email asking why it had not been delivered and I was told ‘I had something come up and I’ll have them there in the morning’.  Of course, this was after my meeting and we don’t meet again for two weeks.  The printer didn’t bother to send an email to tell me that he couldn’t meet the deadline. No phone call. Nothing.  I hate people that miss deadlines without giving me a heads up.  There is no excuse for lack of communication. Strike 2.

He delivered the job on Friday and sent an invoice on Monday.  The invoice showed $30 for the print job and another $25 that was 90+ days past due.  When I questioned the past due amount, I was told it was a mess up.  I think he was trying to get us to pay an additional $25 to make up for the first $12 print job.  Strike 3.

I won’t be using this printer again for any size job.  He is undependable, unreliable and had inconsistent pricing.  There are too many options in Orlando to deal with someone who is unprofessional.