I had the most amazing meeting on Wednesday, 11/2 (my birthday!), with the Humane Society of Morgan County in Madison, GA.  They are a no-kill animal shelter that accepts owner surrenders and pulls from high kill shelters near their community.  They adopt out around 300 animals a year.

I have worked with a lot of different rescues and shelters, and these folks were very impressive.  Not only did they just build a shelter that was funded by a trust, but they really understand what it takes to make a rescue successful.  You have to run a rescue like a business.  Passion for animals is great and definitely required, but if the management and / or board members don’t know what it takes to run a business then the rescue will not be successful or not as successful as it could be.

Community Connections Marketing (CCM) help rescues run more like private businesses.  We assist with marketing, media relations, operations, etc.  CCM is partnering with CO&P Integrated Marketing to assist Humane Society of Morgan County with public relations, social media, direct mail, and event management.  I am so excited about this account and can’t wait to start!