I try to be a good person and support various causes.  I run several businesses including a pet sitting business, Orlando Pet Connections, a marketing company, Community Connections Marketing, and a dog related website, Orlando Canine Connections.  I also have at least 5 projects in the hopper at any given time, so I have very limited time to support anything else.  Yet, I try to be a good person and provide marketing services pro bono.

However, nothing frustrates me more than when I have provided pro bono services and the the company that I have been providing pro bono services to decides to hire another company for marketing or website services which are the same services my marketing company can provide.  I have had this happen several times this year.  The first time was earlier in the year and the person told me ‘we have no money to pay you’, but really need your web development /social media services.  I guess I wasn’t getting the website done quickly enough because the next thing I know they sent me an email saying they had hired someone to develop their website.  What the hell??

The second time just occurred a few weeks ago.  I had done a temporary website for a company.  Of course, there was no budget to do the website so we were not able to hire a good designer or developer so the website is a simple WordPress site.   Then, I hear that they have hired another company to work on the permanent website.  Again, what the hell??  I didn’t think you had any money.

If you are thinking about doing this to someone, let me just give you a piece of advice.  Don’t.  If you have someone who is donating their time because you ‘have no money’, then you owe it to that person to tell them you are hiring a company AND give them a chance to bid on the work.

Needless to say, I am done giving away my services.  I will create marketing plans and social media plans at no cost, if the right non-profit is in need, but I won’t do any of the implementation.  I won’t be used and taken advantage of again.