Every year I set business goals for the new year.  I stay away from calling them resolutions and instead prefer to call them goals so here are my business goals for 2012:

1.  Continue to grow my Pet Sitting business Orlando Pet Connections

2. Give back to the local animal rescue community by support local shelters and rescues through photography and digital marketing.

3.  Provide digital marketing services, including website design, social media and search engine optimization, to awesome clients.

4.  Continue my digital marketing education to stay on top of this ever changing industry.

5.  Enhance Orlando Canine Connections to include Doggy Deals (similar to Groupon), pet industry match program and a pet registration program.

6.  Launch Atlanta Canine Connections and Miami Canine Connections.

7.  Launch Dogs in Dreamland, a customized cage-free boarding option.

I’m really excited about 2012 and think that it could be a phenomenal year!