Orlando Canine Connections had the pleasure of attending the Global Pet Expo last week and one of the most interesting products I saw was Tagg the Pet Tracker by Snaptracs Inc., a Qualcomm company.  This device comes with a dog collar attachment and a base station.  You attach the device to your dog or cat collar and when he / she leaves a certain area (I think it is several hundred feed from the base) you are notified via text and / or email.  I just saw a story where a woman left her dog in the front yard for a minute to run in the house and when she returned the dog was gone.  With this device, she would have been notified immediately.

Not only does it notify you via text and email, you can also pinpoint your pet’s location on the Tagg Map via computer, smartphone or mobile app.  They even provide directions on how to find your pet.  How cool is this device?

The are lots of GPS tracking devices available for pets, but this is the only one I’ve seen that notifies you when you pet leaves the ‘zone’.  I’m definitely going to get a couple of these for Mali and Rainey.  It seems like a small price to pay for piece of mind that you can always know where your pets are.  The salesman at the Global Pet Expo booth said that he even tracks his pets when he is traveling via the mobile app.

The device retails for $99.95 and includes one month of service.  After the first month, the service is $7.95 per month.  The device is water resistant and the battery lasts for approximately 30 days.  You can purchase this device at their website or Amazon.com