Woof! Orlando, a well-known grooming, boarding and daycare facility located in College Park, ran a coupon in LivingSocial and Amazon.  The coupon allowed customers to receive a groom for 1/2 price of $25.  There are a couple of issues with this coupon.  First of all, they will only allow new customers to utilize the coupon so it appears as though they value new customers more than their existing customers.  They say they are rolling out a rewards program this spring, but why not allow your existing customers to take advantage of this deal instead of sending a negative message.

The second issue is the price.  I’ve taken my 40+ pound Aussies to several grooming places and never paid $50.  Woof! Orlando does not list any of their grooming prices online because they say ‘Our prices are based on coat texture, length and condition, as well as the temperament of the dog. Prices are subject to change at any time.  Please call for an estimate. 407.422.2206’.  So, if they don’t list their prices, how do you know that $25 is really a deal.  The average grooming price for my medium sized long-haired dogs is $35 – $40 so a couple for $25 would not be a 50% savings.

This is why you really need to be careful when buying a Groupon, LivingSocial, Amazon, DailyDeals, etc. coupon.  ALWAYS read the fine print carefully, make sure the company is not rewarding new customers more than existing customers (one of my big pet peeves) and call to inquire about their regular prices BEFORE purchasing the coupon.  This is a great example of ‘what not to do in business’.