I can’t wait for Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance, also known as season Season 31, to start on Wednesday, 09/23 at 8p.  This year they are bringing back 20 people who have played the game before so this has the potential to be epic.  All of these people know how to play the game before it even gets started.

From the CBS website:

After being dropped off on the coast of Koh Rong, the 20 castaways will revisit the first-ever Survivor challenge, which was completed 15 years ago.

From there, they’ll grab a supply boat, board it, and take as many supplies as they can with them. However, this time, a new twist will make things much more challenging.

“There’s another boat 100 yards out with a big bag of rice, so here’s your dilemma… How much time do you want to spend gathering supplies before you split and race for the rice?,” Jeff said.

Things will get chaotic when nine people are paddling on a raft toward the rice and Kelly Wigglesworth swims ahead, followed by Woo Hwang, who takes over, and Joe Anglim, jumping in on behalf of the other Tribe.

Talk about an adrenaline-fueled first episode!

Here are how the teams will be split up:

Bayon Tribe

Joe Anglim
Survivor: Worlds Apart

Jeremy Collins
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Ciera Eastin
Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Stephen Fishbach
Survivor: Tocantins

Tasha Fox
Survivor: Cagayan

Kimmi Kappenberg
Survivor: The Australian Outback

Kass McQuillen
Survivor: Cagayan

Keith Nale
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Monica Padilla
Survivor: Samoa

Andrew Savage
Survivor: Pearl Islands

Takeo Tribe

Vytas Baskauskas
Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Spencer Bledsoe
Survivor: Cagayan

Terry Deitz
Survivor: Panama

Abi-Maria Gomes
Survivor: Philippines

Woo Hwang
Survivor: Cagayan

Peih-Gee Law
Survivor: China

Shirin Oskooi
Survivor: Worlds Apart

Jeff Varner
Survivor: The Australian Outback

Kelley Wentworth
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Kelly Wiglesworth
Survivor: Borneo

We will be living tweeting during each episode and also posting a recap so be sure to check back with us throughout the season.

For more information about Survivor, visit CBS Survivor page.