Auburn survived a scare in their 2nd game of the season, against Jacksonville State.  They were supposed to win by 40+ points, but they barely squeezed by in OT with a 27 – 20 win.   Yea, it was downright embarrassing.

With five minutes left in regulation play, Jacksonville State took a 20-13 lead after a five-yard touchdown run making it appear as though Auburn would lose the game.  However, Auburn was able to get excellent field position with less than two minutes remaining after a 17-yard Gamecocks punt.  Jeremy Johnson completed a 10 yard pass to Melvin Ray with 30 seconds left to tie the game.

A strong rushing attack would give Auburn what they needed for the win in OT, a touchdown.  Jacksonville State could not score the needed TD and the game was over with a 27-20 win for Auburn.

Auburn dropped from 6 all the way to 18 in the AP poll.

Next week, Auburn heads to Baton Rouge to take on LSU.  Yes, I will be praying all week!  War Eagle!

photo credit:  Bleacher Report