I called several companies to install a french drain.  Three companies actually returned my call and showed up to quote the job, and two companies actually gave me a quote.  Landscape and Design by Chris was recommended to me by a friend’s landscaper who said he was too busy to do my job.  My friend’s landscaper absolutely raved about how great he was and how honest he was so I hired the guy in mid July to install our french drain.  He told me the job would only take a few days which sounded great.

I should have fired him the first week when I didn’t hear anything from him.  He finally came by the second week to touch base and he said he was going to get the supplies needed for the job. About another week went by and didn’t hear anything, but there was a delivery of supplies needed.  He said he was having a difficult time trying to find a spout that fit my gutter (my gutter is 4″ or 5″ so not your normal size).  We went out of town for July 4th and figured he would be back when we came home.  We got home and week later, he still hadn’t show.  Apparently his dog had died so he had to take the week off.

There were countless times he said he’d be at my house and would never show.  He finally showed up the week after July 4th with some story about his mom having cancer and being short of money.  He asked that I pay for supplies, I said okay and gave him a check.  Didn’t hear much from him for another week.  He would show up and work 1 or 2 hours and leave, then several days would pass and he’d show up again and work 1 or 2 hours and leave.

Now we are towards the end of July and we were about to go on vacation.  He had dug roughly 1/2 the trench (yes, only 1/2 was done over the past month) and he said he’d run into the irrigation system so that all needed to be rerouted to the tune of another $800.  I told him to stop work and that I’d contact him when I returned.  I wasn’t about to give him anymore money because I’m convinced he had no idea what he was doing and it was never going to get done.

At this point, I contact another company who was able to get the job done in under a week without touching the irrigation system.

I would stay far away from this Chris Coleman of Landscape and Design by Christ.  I think he is a con artist who had no idea what he was doing.