I’ve never really understood road rage.  Why do people get so upset because someone cut them off or is driving too slow or is driving too fast or doesn’t turn quick enough on a green light?  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff and as long as another driver is not putting me in danger, I consider these things to be insignificant.  Which brings me to my incident today.

I was waiting to turn left at the light at Corrine and Bumby, when I noticed there was a black Acura SUV behind me.  I guess he thought I was capable of beating the oncoming cars because when I didn’t turn during a short break in traffic, he started honking his horn, cursing and throwing his hands in the air.  As soon as I saw his reaction, I knew what I had to do.  When the light turned green, I made my left turn and proceeded to drive exactly the speed limit — 30 mph.  He was right on my bumper the entire way until we reached Colonial Drive.  By the time we got to Colonial Drive he was absolutely irate because I was driving so slow.  At Colonial Drive, I was turning left and he was going straight so he pulled up beside me, rolled down his window and proceeded to tell me that I needed to learn to drive or get off the road as well as dropping the ‘f’ bomb 5 or 6 times.  Then he called me the ‘p’ word.  I’ve never had a man call me the ‘p’ word so it became clear he was a moron.

Obviously, this guy has anger management issues so I just said ‘f**k you, gave him the middle finger and rolled up my window.  He continued to yell obscenities at me until the light turned green.

I thought about this idiot all day and wondered what makes someone so angry that they exhibit this behavior because someone didn’t turn quick enough at a light.  He is clearly a very unhappy angry guy.  I hope he gets help before he ends up beating his wife and kids.