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WESH Meetup

I hadn’t been to a Tweet up in quite a while and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to WESH early yesterday morning.  When we got there, they had arrange for a free breakfast from Melissa’s Chicken and...

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Road Rage

I’ve never really understood road rage.  Why do people get so upset because someone cut them off or is driving too slow or is driving too fast or doesn’t turn quick enough on a green light?  Life is too short to...

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Shuttle Atlantis

[nggallery id=4] The countdown has begun to the last shuttle launch. We will be over at Kennedy Space Center starting Friday morning to cover the launch. Right now, they are 70% sure the shuttle will not liftoff on Friday,...

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Good Experience at Collins Dental

All doctors and dentists should take a lesson from Collins Dental in customer service. On Tuesday, I had an appointment for a filing at 3:45p. I arrived around 3:40p to a room full of patients and the staff was on the phone. I...

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