Business Travel Has Improved

I have been been traveling for business for over 20 years, but had taken about a two year break until recently.  I’ve now started to travel several times a month and it looks like that trend will continue into 2013.  Now that I’m ‘back in the saddle’ so to speak, I’ve noticed  few things that have changed for the better making business travel just a bit more enjoyable.

  1. WiFi on Many Flights:  I am writing this blog post from the plane.  This is a huge benefit for those of us who want to work or even play games.  One of the changes I most enjoy.
  2. Airtran Upgrade to First Class:  I fly a lot between Atlanta and Orlando so Delta and Airtran are my two choices for a direct flight.  When I traveled before, I was a frequent Airtran flier because I could upgrade for $49 which also included one checked bag so why not upgrade for just a bit more than it cost to check my bag.  At some point, that changed and an upgrade now costs $69 which is too much for a short one hour flight so I no longer fly Airtran because I can’t upgrade and I love Delta’s app (see #3).  Basically Airtran lost a frequent flier over $20.
  3. Delta iPhone AppDelta has an iPhone app that lets me check in for my flight and create an electronic boarding pass.  No more standing in line to check-in or even printing a boarding pass.  I absolutely love this app because I can check into my flight and have my boarding pass regardless of where I am.  No need to be near a printer to get my boarding pass. Delta gained a frequent flier by offering this app.
  4. Stabucks in many airports:  Starbucks are now in many of the airports where I travel.  I don’t drink much coffee, but love Starbucks flavored espressos.  I always seem to be flying early morning so this is a big benefit, especially if headed to a client meeting where I need to be ‘on’.
  5. Removal of Shoes:  Anyone under 12 and over 75 no longer has to remove their shoes to go through security.  This is helpful as these two groups tend to be a bit slower with removing their shoes.