I’m frustrated at the lack of customer service across the board these days and believe that customer service is dead.  I posted a few weeks ago about Brighthouse and today I’m posting about another business.  I’m many groups on FB and this appeared in one of the groups (I have removed the names of the business and the individuals involved):

“I really enjoy this site and like the ability to reach out to find local people to do business with. I recently asked for a dry wall and popcorn removal company and <Person X> was quick to reply. He came out to give me a quote the very next day and said I could expect an email that evening. Two days later I still hadn’t received the email, so I reached out to him. He still wasn’t prepared with an invoice, but we finally agreed on a price and he said his crew would be out Monday morning. Sunday by 9 pm I still hadn’t heard from him in regards to the following days plans, so, once again, reached out to him. At that point, he said he couldn’t make it and had to reschedule to Tuesday @ 8 am. I agreed. Monday evening, I texted him multiple times and reached out to him on FB to confirm he would be there in the morning and he never responded and did a no call no show. Obviously, this is an awful way to do business and I believe most people just want to be able to find contractors that communicate, do good honest work, and follow through with what they say they’re going to do. I think that there should be a certain level of accountability, especially if you’re going to use this site as a platform to market your business. I don’t like to throw anyone under the bus, but after speaking with a friend who recently had a less than stellar experience with him as well, I reached out to <Group Moderator> today prior to writing this. He notified <Person X> and <Person X> still hasn’t had the courtesy to reach out to me. I notice <Person X> offers his services a lot on this site, however I would never recommend <Person X>.”

I few other people posted that they had similar experiences with Person X.

Person X, then responded with the following.  There are over 150 comments to this thread so I’m just going to post the ones that show you what type of contractor Person X is:

  • Can’t please everybody all the time.
  • I have a regular job. I really don’t need the money. I supervise and maintain 4 property mgmt companies maintenance. I try to give reduced rates to local home owners so your not paying a arm and a leg.
  • Bash me all you want. Good luck and good night.
  • All this cause i got stuck on a job I had to finish up in Merrit Island. But there are two sides too every story. Those who i have done work for on this site know i go far and beyond to get the job done. So with that being said. Good night.
  • He choose to bash me. Good for him. Just petty of him. Pretty sure he is paying alot more now.
  • I don’t have to explain myself to no one.
  • Right and i choose not to be petty and put my business out there to be judged my people who for one never met me .
  • I will go too work and make my money regardless.
  • In other words. What i do for the people of this group is nothing but side work. I maintain 2400 properties thru out East and west coast.
  • I don’t really care anymore. When these judgemental people start paying my bills i may worry. Till then keep paying high prices to get your jobs done.
  • Do you really think just cause of one bad review of me or a business is going to stop them from making money.
  • I do over $180,000 a year in business. Trust me a few dollars won’t break me bud.
  • Wonder if the patrons of this group knows that <Customer X> hasn’t pulled the permits for this job. Electrical and plumbing.

Is they the type of person you want to do business with?  Always hire a licensed, insured and bonded person for any jobs you need done around the house.  Getting the cheapest labor is usually not the best idea.